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IPAM records many of its lectures and makes them available to the public so that a wider audience may benefit from the scientific programs we offer. Since July 2012, IPAM has begun to record most of its lectures. You can access the lectures for a particular program or workshop (such as Materials Defects Tutorials) by following the program link listed below to the relevant workshop schedule. Each speaker is listed along with available slide shows and videos. For public lectures, the link will take you directly to the video. The programs and public lectures are listed in reverse chronological order.

Older videos play on Real Player only; recent videos will play on Flash supported browsers and software.

IPAM Programs
Mathematics of Politics
Algebraic Techniques for Combinatorial and Computational Geometry 2014
Combinatorial and Computational Geometry Tutorials
Combinatorial Geometry Problems at the Algebraic Interface
Tools from Algebraic Geometry
The Kakeya Problem, Restriction Problem, and Sum-product Theory
Finding Algebraic Structures in Extremal Combinatorial Configurations
Mathematical Challenges in Ophthalmology
Mathematics of Social Learning
Materials for a Sustainable Energy Future 2013
Materials for a Sustainable Energy Future Tutorials
Workshop I: Solar Cells
Workshop II: Fuels from Sunlight
Workshop III: Batteries and Fuel Cells
Workshop IV: Energy Conservation and Waste Heat Recovery
Semiclassical Origins of Density Functional Approximations
Interactions Between Analysis and Geometry 2013
Interactions Between Analysis and Geometry Tutorials
Workshop II: Dynamics of Groups and Rational Maps
Workshop III: Non-Smooth Geometry
Workshop IV: Quasiconformal Geometry and Elliptic PDEs
Multimodal Neuroimaging
Materials Defects 2012
Materials Defects: Tutorials
Workshop I: Quantum and Atomistic Modeling of Materials Defects
Workshop II: Atomistic and Mesoscale Modeling of Materials Defects
Workshop III: Mesoscale and Continuum Scale Modeling of Materials Defects
Workshop IV: Computational Methods for Multiscale Modeling of Materials Defects
Graduate Summer School 2013
Graduate Summer School: Computer Vision
Graduate Summer School 2012
Graduate Summer School: Deep Learning, Feature Learning
Graduate Summer School 2011
Graduate Summer School: Probabilistic Models of Cognition

IPAM Public Lectures
Emily Carter, November 4, 2013
Quantum Mechanics and the Future of the Planet.

Wendelin Werner, June 7, 2013
Green Family Lecture Series
Random Mountains.
1080p | 480p | 240p

Wendelin Werner, June 6, 2013
Green Family Lecture Series
Drawing Pictures at Random.
1080p | 480p | 240p

Klaus-Robert Müller, March 4, 2013
Toward Brain Computer Interfacing.
1080p | 480p | 240p

Walter Kohn, May 30, 2012
Green Family Lecture Series
Electronic Structure of Matter: Wave Functions and Density Functionals.
Play Video

Walter Kohn, May 29, 2012
Green Family Lecture Series
A World Predominately Powered by Solar and Wind Energy?
Play Video

Edward Moses, April 18, 2012
National Ignition Facility: Pathway to Fusion Ignition, Frontier Science and Clean Energy. Play Video

Carlos Bustamante, November 29, 2011
Interpreting Personal Genomes: Promises and Potential Pitfalls. Play Video

Shing-Tung Yau, January 14, 2011
The Shape of Inner Space: String Theory and the Geometry of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions. Play video.

IPAM 10th Anniversary Lectures
Tony Chan, November 2, 2010
IPAM: Historical, UCLA, NSF and Global Perspectives. Play video.

Claire Tomlin, November 3, 2010
Mathematics for Air Traffic Control and Other Hybrid Systems. Play video.

Kevin Trenberth, May 10, 2010
Global Warming: Coming Ready or Not! Play video.

Infinite Possibilities Conference, March 19, 2010
Suzanne Weekes:
“Keeping It Real - Industrial Strength Mathematics” Play video.

Ivelisse Rubio:
“Latin and Frequency Squares” Play video.

Panel Session:
“If I Had To Do It All Over Again” Play video.

David Gross, February 22, 2010
The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental Physics. Play video.

Pierre-Louis Lions, January 5, 2010
On Mean Field Games. Play video.

Noga Alon, October 5, 2009
The Combinatorics of Voting Paradoxes. Play video.

Kenneth Golden, April 29, 2009
Climate Change and the Mathematics of Sea Ice. Play video.

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