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IPAM seeks program proposals from the mathematical, statistical, and scientific communities, for long programs, winter workshops, summer programs and affiliate workshops. If you would like to discuss your program ideas and prepare a proposal for IPAM's consideration, you are encouraged to contact the IPAM Director or Associate Director. For all proposals please include women and members of underrepresented minorities as organizers, speakers, and participants.

Winter Workshops

Winter workshops are typically five days in length, with 20-25 presentations. They are stand-alone workshops not part of a long program. The Science Advisory Board typically considers and approves proposals for winter workshops a year and several months in advance.

To propose a Winter Workshop, we will need:
  • A short description of the mathematical and scientific content of the workshop
  • Names of individuals to serve on the organizing committee
  • Names, fields and institutions of individuals that you would like to invite as speakers or participants
  • Consideration of other sources of funding: do you anticipate being able to obtain additional funding elsewhere?

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Summer Schools

Summer schools are generally 2-3 weeks in length and incorporate both tutorials (a series of 3-4 talks) and some research talks illustrating applications. They are directed toward graduate students and postdocs and typically have over 200 participants. It is usually necessary to have a supplemental source of funding; otherwise, the standards for summer school proposals are comparable to those for winter workshops. Please present your proposal to the Director or Associate Director.

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Long Programs

Long Programs generally have two complementary streams: one mathematical and one (or more) from other related scientific disciplines where there is the potential for a fruitful and exciting interaction. On occasion, this might be an interaction between two disparate branches of mathematics.

A long program opens with tutorials representing the two streams of the program during the first week or two of the program. This is followed by four workshops, each lasting one week, plus a culminating workshop at Lake Arrowhead for the core plus a few invited guests. The workshops give an opportunity to bring in a group of experts on several of the most exciting topics in the area of the program.

The participants include a core of senior scientists, with roughly half from each stream of the program, plus a group of post-docs and advanced graduate students who are active participants in the program. At the proposal stage, you do not need to solicit commitments from potential participants. We would like to see the names of some of the people you would like to invite, on both the math and science sides of the program.

Please open the Long Program Proposal Template to see what IPAM requires, and discuss your ideas with the Director or Associate Director. Long Programs are typically presented to the Science Advisory Board for approval two years in advance.

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Affiliate Workshops

IPAM also provides partial funding for Affiliate Workshops, typically held at an IPAM affiliate, in order to aid in attracting further funding. The standards are comparable to those for any IPAM workshop. Please discuss your proposal with the Director or Associate Director.

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