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Board of Trustees

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Board of Trustees

The IPAM Board of Trustees meets once a year to approve the budget and plans for the upcoming year. Members serve for three years. Current members include IPAM's directors and:

David Balaban - Research Informatics Department, Amgen

Tanya Beder – SBCC Group Inc.

Tony Chan - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (president)

Bill Coughran – Sequoia Capital

Karina Edmonds - Caltech

Mark Green - Mathematics, UCLA

Alfred Hales, Chair - Center for Communications Research (CCR) West

Sallie Keller - Virginia Tech University

Bryna Kra – Mathematics, Northwestern

Alan Lee - AMD

Nancy Potok - U.S. Census Bureau

Ron Stern - Mathematics, UC Irvine

Tatiana Toro - Mathematics, University of Washington

Leland Wilkinson - Skytree, Inc.

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