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Science Advisory Board

The Science Advisory Board meets once a year and communicates with the Director regularly. Their purpose is to approve all programs sponsored by IPAM. Members serve for three years. Current members include IPAM's directors and:

Alexei Borodin (Mathematics, MIT)

Robert Calderbank (Director of the Information Initiative, Duke University)

Emmanuel Candes (Statistics, Stanford University)

Cynthia Dwork (Microsoft Research)

Peter W. Jones (Mathematics, Yale)

Yann LeCun (Computer Science, New York University)

David Levermore, Chair (Mathematics, University of Maryland)

Assaf Naor (Mathematics and Computer Science, New York University)

Terence Tao (Mathematics, UCLA)

Claire Tomlin (Electrical Engineering, UC Berkeley)

Amie Wilkinson (Mathematics, University of Chicago)

Stephen Wright (Computer Science, University of Wisconsin)

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