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IPAM fosters the interaction of mathematics with a broad range of science and technology, builds new interdisciplinary research communities, promotes mathematical innovation, and engages and transforms the world through mathematics. IPAM fulfills its mission through workshops and programs that connect mathematics and other disciplines or multiple areas of mathematics. These activities bring in thousands of visitors annually from academia, government and industry.

IPAM is an NSF Math Institute and is a sponsor of Math of Planet Earth 2013.

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Royal Medal Awarded to UCLA Professor

Osher Receives Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize

Richard Tapia Receives 2014 Vannevar Bush Award

SIAM Recognizes IPAM Participants

IPAM Board Members and Participants Named to Highly Cited Researchers

Tao Receives Inaugural Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics

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IPAM: Where Math Creates Connections

AI for Chemical Design

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